The Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Trading Card Game Cards

Pokemon cards have gained popularity and are now among the most popular trading card games. The game dates back to the late 19s with its debut in Japan before being adopted in North America. The Pokemon trading game is very addictive, whether for a Pokemon fan dealing with the collection of cards or a tournament player who loves building decks. The most enticing thing involves buying booster packs and ripping them open to see the type of Pokemon you pull.

Initially the Pokemon trading cards were made by wizards of the U.S coast before the poking company embarked on publishing the cards by themselves. This led to the game getting to a whole new dimension through making rare cards. Today there are numerous cards that have been published over the lifetime of the game with many rare cards that costs thousands of dollars.

1. First edition Charizard

It was the fire-breathing character that appeared on a promotional card as part of the "trade please" campaign. This is one of the most expensive Pokemon English language edition cards in 1998. It was only available though a bargain campaign where collectors use two Pokemon cards for the exchange of one of these cards, thus they are very valuable in mint condition especially the holographic version. It is not just a treasure but a potential game-winner because of the ability for powerful attacks. As long as they are graded 9 or higher and they are first edition, they will sell for over $300. The first edition card in mint however will can go for as high as $700.

2. Pokemon illustrator

It is also referred to as the Pikachu illustrator card. This is one of the most expensive Pokemon cards still in existence. The card that is not in mint condition is being sold at $50,000 while the ungraded original can be gotten at $20,000. It is valuable because it was a competition prize during the Coro Coro comic where winners received the card for drawing their favorite Pokemon character. Only six cards exist worldwide with five in circulation and the other one kept by the Pokemon TCG blog.

3. Pre-release Raichu

This card is one of the rarest Pokemon cards because only 15 cards are in existence. They are referred to as pre-release because the earlier wizards who were publishing the cards stamped "pre-release’'on the illustration. One of the cards can be worthy $10,000 or over.

4. Pokemon gold star cards

This was the original shiny Pokemon cards. They are very few in existence therefore making them valuable. These trading cards are able to sell anywhere in the world from$30 to $80 even though the graded ones can be sold for up to $150.

5. Pokemon mega battle 2001 cards

They were published at a time where the trading game tournament card took place every year from 1999 to 2001 in Hawaii. These cards are rare because they were made for a special occasion and therefore only 12 were made and are in circulation which are extremely hard to find. They were the last tropical mega battle cards issued because the following year the tournament was changed to world championship. They are bought at $10,000 in mint condition and can go as low as $5,000 in on the low side.

6. Pokemon full Art Ex Cards

These cards are the artwork variation representing the traditional Pokemon trading cards. They are also made in black and white. Not all of them are expensive or rare to be found, but there are some such as Mew EX that are sold at $26 while others such as Diox EX are sold for over $37.

7. Pokemon snap cards

This came because of the competition run in Japan referred to as Pokemon snap64 DD Nintendo game. Players were to send in the images of their game play and the best pictures became the trading cards, featuring the winning name and image. The highest Pokemon snap card was going at 11,000 pounds, though there are those that sell less than that.

8. 1,2,3 trainer cards

These were the prizes for the first three winners in the world finals trading game cards series. The first three winners were given this card and they would be allowed into the next year’s tournament. The cards were released to the world finals TCG, each card released per year and the older ones having more value.

9. Pokemon shining cards

They appeared just after the gold and silver sets had gone. The first edition of the shining cards in mint condition goes for over $150 each. Once they were being sold for $300 until they became easily available in the US.

10. Pokemon southern island card set

They are rare because there are only two sets of cards each from the southern island card set. They should however come with a collectible folder not promo cards and must be original to make them valuable. There were only 18 cards in circulation, having 2 sets of nine cards each. They are sold at a minimum of $150 and a maximum of $300 per every card.

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